Black sticky stuff (BSS)
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Black sticky stuff (BSS) is something that occured in some oil wells. The tubings started to dissolve due too wrong ph value on the scale inhibitor fluid. The fluid was supposed to remove scale from the tubing walls, but also started eating into the tubing.
This is hopw the black sticky stuff was created.
It has been a problem for wireline operations in many wells, because it get’s very compact and therefore the toolstring won’t get past or it may get stuck in the BSS.
The wireline tools also tends to fail more often, when BSS is present in the well. Probably due to its sticky and compact properties, clogging up tools, jamming movable parts, and so on.

BSS is incredibly black, it is almost impossible to clean off, and sticks to anything.
BSS releases high amounts of Benzene fumes, so be sure to use proper protective equipment when dealing with BSS.
Get rid of all gloves and clothes contaminated with the stuff.
BSS can also be LRA contaminated, so dust and particles must be avoided to escape into the air you breath.



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