Christmas Tree
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A christmas tree is an assembly of valves, used in petroleum extraction. They are used on many different kind of wells like: Oil, gas, water injection, gas injection wells etc.
There is both surface and subsea trees.
The purpose of the christmas tree is to isolate the well from the atmosphere and to be able to control the oil and/or gas flow from the well, or to control injected liquid or gas.
– Swab valve: Operated in well interventions, such as wireline and coil tubing.
– Kill wing: Often used for injecting fluids, like corrosion inhibitors etc.
– Flow wing: In the producing path of the hydrocarbons, leads to the flowline and production facilities.
– Upper master (Hydraulic master valve)
– Lower master (Manual master valve)

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The main reason for it’s name:
external image christmas-tree-ricky-barnard.jpg



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